Table Linens

More so than fine china, stemware and cutlery, a person's first impression of an elegant dining room will be influenced by your fine linen tablecloth and napkins.  Immediately visible upon entering the room, your fine linen will set the mood for the dining experience to come.

Here, you will discover the finest one-of-a-kind, handmade tablecloths, runners and napkins.

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  • Cut Work Embroidery Medium Tablecloth
    This 1940's classic medium sized off white vintage tablecloth is a great find for any vintage lover. Its perfect to help decorate any table in any room. This tablecloth is beautifully decorated, from embroidery and cut work, to floral designs scattered all through the center..
  • Embroidered Colorful Flower Tablecloth
     This precious beige tablecloth with little flower bouquets brings sunshine to your table. It is classic vintage.  Emdroidered red, blue and white flowers throughtout makes this pretty beige tablecloth a must have. Measurements are 81" x 59" ..
  • Embroidered Crochet Medium Tablecloth
    This precious vintage tablecloth is filled with beauty and elegants. From its pretty patterns of crochet on the edges and corners, to its embroiderey and cut work, this tablecloth is perfect for any vintage lover. Measurements are 47"x 47". ..
  • Embroidered White Flower Tablecloth
    This exclusive white rectangular table cloth will look good on any dining room table. Its vintage look and one of a kind appliqué will really catch your eye. There are delicate white flowers embroidered above each bow appliqué on all 4 corners of the tablecloth.   It measures at ..
  • Flower Edged Cut Work Tablecloth
    This beige square tablecloth has a hint of brown on the embroidery to add a contrast. With pretty brown flower cut work on each edge, and detailed with crochet and embroidery throughout. Looks lovely in any room. Measurements are 40" x 40". ..
  • Flowery Embroidered Tablecloth
    This gorgeous 14ft banquet-sized tablecloth is a one of a kind. Its filled with all kinds of beautiful vintage techniques, from its mixture of embroidered flowers and leaves, to its interlocking cut work, This vintage tablecloth took years to complete due to its exquisite beauty and d..