I love collecting these exquisite and intricate tablecloths. They bring richness, beauty, and elegance to any table. I also appreciate the work that has gone into making them and the history they evoke. I have some tablecloths that are called Point of Venice. These take over a year to create and are beautifully hand made. There are others in my collection that are handkerchief linen.  Others are cotton or linen with embelishments on them of either crochet or crewel work. Each one is more exquisite than the next. They will make your meal a conversation piece!
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  • Hand Crochet Hand Embroidery Medium Tablecloth
    This is a precious hand crocheted and hand embroidered medium white tablecloth. With white on white hand embroidery and cut work on the inner and hand crochet work on the outter, its beautifully designed for any vintage lover.   Measurements are 41" x 42". ..
  • Heart Cut Work Medium Tablecloth
      This is a stunning square off white medium vintage tablecloth. Filled with tons of gorgeous cut work and outlined by beautifully embroidered eyelet hearts, and hints of embroidered embellishments throughout. Pretty scalloped edges for a finishing touch.  Measurements ..
  • Irish Drawn Work Medium Tablecloth
    Started in 1825, Irish Drawn Work is a beautifully textured embroidery. This gorgeous medium cotton vintage off white tablecloth is filled with Irish Drawn Work all throughout, A unique true one of a kind find. Measurements are 46" x 47". ..
  • Leaves Embroidered on Organdy Medium Tablecloth
    This is an ellegant medium white tablecloth made of beautiful vintage organdy/linen. Decorated with stunning white on white leaf embroidery throughout.  Measurements are 49" x 49". ..
  • Mesh and Embroidery Medium Tablecloth
      This 1930's medium sized white tablecloth is vintage in every sense, from its look to its touch. Filled with delicate embroidery designs and beautiful pulled thread embroidery detail all throughout. Its measurements are 42" x 45". ..
  • Off White Cotton Tablecloth
    Beautiful cotton off white tablecloth with an embroidered beige flower motif on the tablecloth edges and corners.The cut flower design on the border of this rectangular material gives the tablecloth that finishing touch of elegance. Measurements are 35" x 32". ..