I love collecting these exquisite and intricate tablecloths. They bring richness, beauty, and elegance to any table. I also appreciate the work that has gone into making them and the history they evoke. I have some tablecloths that are called Point of Venice. These take over a year to create and are beautifully hand made. There are others in my collection that are handkerchief linen.  Others are cotton or linen with embelishments on them of either crochet or crewel work. Each one is more exquisite than the next. They will make your meal a conversation piece!
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  • 3 Leaf Clover Medium Tablecloth
     Beautiful white 3 leaf clover medium linen tablecloth. Filled with all types of vintage tradition, this tablecloth has gorgeous embroidery, and floral cut work. Stunning crocheted edges and corners, decorated with pretty 3 leaf clovers and horseshoes throughout.  Almost invisible tiny lit..
  • Banquet Sized White Tablecloth
    This extarordinarily large white floral vintage tablecloth is perfect for any huge party, banquet or wedding. Its detailed embroidery and beautiful cut work makes it an extra special piece. Being that this is a true vintage tablecloth, there is a very faint, o..
  • Bouquets on Organdy Medium Tablecloth
    This organdy precious medium white tablecloth is filled  with delicately placed flower bouquets scattered all around. Pretty embellished applique trimming as well, a beautiful addition to any room.  Measurements are 49" x 50". ..
  • Bright Red Roses Medium Tablecloth with Napkins
     Decorative stunning vintage linen beige tablecloth. Filled with exquisite bright red roses throughout and comes with 4 matching rose napkins. Gorgeous tablecloth for any vintage lover.  Measurements are 49" x 51". ..
  • Crochet Interlocking pieces cream tablecloth
    This vintage rectangular tablecloth will decorate your dinner table beautifully. This unique, one of a kind, crocheted lace tablecloth has beautifully designed embroidered edges. Add a contrast color underneath it for an extra pop of color.  It measures at 102"&nbs..
  • Crocheted Edge with Centerpiece Medium Tablecloth
    This gorgeous white rectangular vintage tablecloth is perfect to fit any medium sized table. It has a beautiful circular centerpiece with detailed flower embroidery and cut work, Perfect to help emphasize your favorite bouquet of flowers, It also has tradition light periwinkle cr..