Pillow Cases

The vintage pillowcases are made of a beautiful cotton or linen with lovely details of crochet, hand embroidery, tatting or crewel work. Some of the edging is made with intricate details and designs. Once you rest your head on these pillowcases you will not only have the best sleep, you will want to take them with you where ever you travel.

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  • Crochet and Embroidered Pillow Case
    Lovely white cotton pillow case that is beautifully hand embroidered. Elegant crewel and crotchet work between the scalloped edges. ..
  • Crocheted Edge Pillow Case
    Classy set of white cotton vintage well-formed pillowcases with delightful crochet edging, Measurements are 30" x 20". ..
  • Cross-Stitch Pillow Case
     Pretty and fun white cotton pillowcase with amazing colorful cross stitching all around the boarder and a decorative crochet edge.  Measurements are 35" x 18". ..
  • Cut Work Pillow Case
    Wonderful pair of white vintage cotton pillowcases. Decorated with stunning floral cut work, embroidery and scalloped edges. Measurements are 32" x 21". ..
  • Embroidered Pillow Case
    Elegant white cotton pillowcase with beautiful small floral embroidered medallion with vines coming out of it. Also decorated with stunning triangle crocheted edging for a beautiful finishing touch. Measurements are 30" x 20". ..
  • Floral Cut Work Pillow Case
     Beautiful off white cotton pillowcase with elegant stunning detailed floral cut work and embroidery, with hints of hand embroidery as well. Measurements are 27" x 20". ..