Hand Towels

My hand towels are made of fine linen or cotton. Some are from the early 1900’s. Most are from the 1930-50 era. Some of them are embroidered with flowers, initials, days of the week, etc. and have beautifully detailed crewel, French knots and cross-stitch. Some have crocheted edges and insets while others are tatted and pulled.

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  • Hand Embroidered Hand Towel
     Charming white vintage hand towel beautifully designed with colorful dazzling floral hand embroidery. This piece measures 19.5 inches by 10 inches. ..
  • Hand Embroidery Hand Towel
    Beautifully elaborate pair of matching vitage cotton hand towels. Filled with character, these terrific hand towels are designed with colorful floral hand embroidery and surrounded by white lovely hand cross stitching all throughout.  An amazing out of the ordinary find in the wo..
  • Initial D Hand Towel
    Lovely linen hand towel with graceful embroidery of the initial D on towel done in pink, and featuring a crotcheted edge. The decorative detail surrounding the D adds elegance to this 1940s design ..
  • Initial D Hand Towel
     This is a regal white vintage linen hand towel designed with an embrodiered monogrammed white D inital on a stunning striped linen. Beautiful scalloped edging, and gorgeous floral hand embroidery motif surrounding. This piece measures 34.5 inches by 22 inches. ..
  • Intertwined Initials Hand Towel
    Lovely white linen hand towel with an elaborate embroidery of intertwined initials on towel done in pink with sage leaf design accents. The decorative detail surrounding the Intertwined initials adds elegance to this 1935 design. Measures at 38" x 19". ..
  • Lady Farmer Hand Towel
     Fun vintage cotton muslin white hand towel. Beautifully designed cross stitching farmer motif.  Red checkered edging to match. Perfect to make your kitchen feel homey. This piece measures 26 inches by 17.5 inches. ..