Hand Towels

My hand towels are made of fine linen or cotton. Some are from the early 1900’s. Most are from the 1930-50 era. Some of them are embroidered with flowers, initials, days of the week, etc. and have beautifully detailed crewel, French knots and cross-stitch. Some have crocheted edges and insets while others are tatted and pulled.

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  • White Hand Towel
     Regal white linen vintage hand towel, beautifully designed with a faint white on white damask border. This piece measures 23 inches by 14 inches. ..
  • White Linen Hand Towel
    A pretty pair of matching vintage white linen dish towel that have a beautiful floral damask pattern throughout.  This piece measures 32.5 inches by 18 inches. ..
  • White Linen Hand Towel
    Elegant linen white hand towel with crotchet middle and a delicately embroidered white flower motif on a scalloped border,  ..
  • White Linen Hand Towel
    Elegant, simple design,white linen hand towel with crotchet scalloped border,  ..
  • White Linen Hand Towel
    Lovely linen white hand towel with graceful embroidery of a colorful flower and bow motif on the towel, and featuring a red border edge. The elegant detail surrounding the flower and bow motif shows the graceful work of the 1940's design, and is augmented with a colorful red bord..
  • White on Peach Floral Hand Towel
    Traditional 1950's cotton peach vintage hand towel designed with pretty white floral stitch work. This piece measures 13.5 inches by 9 inches. ..